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Three Things SF Giants Need For NLCS Game 6

I normally really hate the Giants but I really like Hunter Pence and think he deserves to win.

CBS Sacramento

By Claire Reclosado-Baclay

As the San Francisco Giants enter Game 6 of the National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, both teams feel the urgency to produce a win. Suddenly, the Giants had the momentum sway to their side as Barry Zito pitched a masterful game for his team, while the Cardinals know that they are just one win away from the World Series.

San Francisco has been in this situation before. With their backs against the wall, they historically came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat the Cincinnati Reds in the best-of-five National League Division Series and advance to the NLCS.

Needing to win two games before the Cardinals win one, the Giants are ready for the task.

In this best-of-seven NLCS, the Giants need to keep playing hard and taking advantage of St. Louis’ mistakes.

Vogelsong and  #RallyEnchiladas

The starting pitching has suffered throughout the…

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Blog #5 Non- profit websites and Usability

A usability test reviews how a websites convenience and accessibility can be improved for the user.

The Volunteer Opportunities website can definitely benefit from a usability test because I found the website to be a little overwhelming and confusing. There is a lot going on in it and it sometimes is not clear as to what can and should be clicked on. The bright colors work to grab your attention but other than that there is far too much going on a user will move on. A usability test will tell them ways to improve the convenience and accessibility of its links and the straightforwardness of the directions.

The Philadelphia Mutter Museum is a non-profit organization and they indeed have a website. Obviously since their website is about their museum and wanting to attract people to it it has a lot more description in their write-ups. They set apart their links well by bolding them and putting them in brighter colors. They have more ads then usual probably because its non-profit website so they need sponsors. A usability test would definitely benefit them and improve their site. It would tighten up their descriptions and background on the museum as well as make it more pleasing to the eye.

National Constitutional Convention “Welcome to the National Constitution Center, a hands-on museum, national town hall, and civic education headquarters just steps from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.” Their website in my opinion is excellent. Its bright, pleasing to the eye, bolded, things jump out at you to click on. Users of this website must love it because it is nice to look at and decently easy to sort through and find where you want to go. It is slightly confusing in the middle of the website the focal point is the large conveyer belt of images that are links. They have nice pictures and have captions on them but I found them a little confusing. A usability test would indeed help this website tie up loose ends and tighten up link clarity.

Blog #4

To be completed.

Blog #3 Craft of Story Telling

Story telling along with the obvious details of character development and plot development, should impact the viewer or audience in some way. If you tell the story of September 11, 2001 that is obviously going to have a huge impact on people because it was such a traumatic event in our country. In Avery Moore’s story “Powered by Laughter” she impacted the audience by being relate able, pure, and upbeat. Most people should be inspired by her laughter-is-necessary-for-survival view on life. Everyone loves to laugh and enjoy themselves. She told the story in the way it would relate to people and they would care for her and they story.

In the “Hot Lunch story” the same can be said. It is a very relate able story because everyone at some point went to high school and experienced what a cafeteria was like. In effect, the audience grew to care for Adrey Dilling.

It doesn’t matter what the story is that you are telling if you craft it and present it in a way in which it reaches people it will be a successful story.

Blog Post #2: Telling a Story

A story could be anything and portrayed in a million different ways. Successful stories almost have a formula to the. When telling a story you absolutely have to connect with your audience, really get into the character or even better tell them a personal story or event so they know it is truly genuine. “Show us the real you.” Being vulnerable to the audience is a good thing because then they become emotionally invested in the story and characters involved. All stories also have to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The character usually starts a journey and along the way acquires new skills and knowledge and then comes back full circle to the beginning but with a whole new insight. Lastly, and I believe most importantly, the audience must in some way be shocked or surprised. Like Patsy Rodenburg says that the plot has to has some twist and its true indeed to be imperative to keep the audience involved and to have your story be lasting and remembered.

Radio Broadcast of War of the Worlds

Going back in time and taking in the radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” was definitely an interesting 51 minutes. This recording worked and was believable for many reasons. The reporters were credible and spoke in the normal reporting the news sense and then were interrupted with the breaking news bulletins. During the breaking news bulletins there were background noises and the speakers reported like normal and then when exciting things went on their voices got shaky and louder. They had transitions between everyday radio of the appropriate music of the time and the breaking news. All of the interviews that took place were professors of scientists so not only were they credible sources but they played the authority angle. The geography of the radio narrative was in actual places like Princeton, NJ and then as the story went on it started branching and expanding like to NY. I believe the broadcast was completely believable minus the beginning and the intermission when they mention that it is “The War of the Worlds.” Image

49ers’ Akers Ties NFL Record With 63-yard Field Goal

As a diehard eagles fan I always loved David Akers reliability and his clutch factor. After our kicker missed a 45 yard attempt down by 6 late in the game against the Cleveland Browns, I speak for Eagles fans and say Akers is missed.

CBS Sacramento

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers bounced a ball off the crossbar and through the uprights from 63 yards just before halftime, tying an NFL record in Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

Akers hit a low line drive that caromed off the crossbar and kept going forward instead of bouncing back onto the field. A wide-eyed Akers raised his arms in triumph and let out a yell to celebrate.

The three other kickers to hit 63-yarders were Denver’s Jason Elam in 1998, New Orleans’ Tom Dempsey in 1970 and Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski in 2011.

Akers’ third field goal of the half helped the 49ers take a 16-7 lead over the Packers at halftime.

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Blogging for Dummies

Blog: (my definition) public display of organized information, thoughts, opinions, or a combination of all on a topic relative to the target audience. All blogs look different and have different topics and focuses. It can be a personality outlet for someone who has strong opinions on big topics like politics or it can be an informative way of communicating news. Blogs usually look bright and colorful to grab the eye of audience members. They have some long and some short writings, and they have titles that are large and bolded. Blogs have photos and themes for setting the mood and, again, attention holding. In addition, blogs tend to have videos to compliment the message the blogger writes about. Lastly, blogs have sections like tabs and categories for organization of their content and then have spaces to add comments to each post. There are many examples of blogs out there especially of food because that is a subject that never dies; typically people eat three times a day so they are looking to get out of routine of peanut butter and jelly and maybe spice up some dinner choices. 

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