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Blog #9 TED talk topic

My topic is on the environment and what college kids can do to help decrease the symptoms of global climate change. It is a problem-solution talk that is structured after Duarte’s “what is, what could be” idea. It goes in and out of facts and statistics about the negative effects of climate change and how our individual acts have an impact and cause it. So if we are the ones causing it then we have the ability to change it. I go into little ways to add to the positives and even decrease the effects, but the number one way to do it for college kids is to restrict their use of plastic bottles since they have such detrimental impact not only on our ecosystems with just how we waste them but in how the production and transportation of them emits green house gases which trap heat in our atmosphere. This action I encourage the audience to take goes with the overall idea of the talk which is to be more aware of what we do and not just bury our heads in the sand or wrap ourselves up in our own struggles, to know that what we do effects more than just ourselves.


Using Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think to sort through my blog and say if its effective so far or not…

Use of Media: Images: provides images and other media? There are some pictures on posts on my blog but there definitely should be more to draw and keep the viewers attention. It brings color and interest to the blog. Other media like videos and other things are not included at all.

Site: If mentioning a site: provides link/screenshot/logo of site? Blog 5 is the only example of a post where the mention of another site exists and yes there are links added to it. One is active and the other two or not so in order for the usability to be effective the links would have to be click-able. A photo, screenshot, or logo would also greatly benefit my blog, adding to its appeal and interest.

Video: If mentioning a video, embeds video? There are no videos so far on this blog

Links/urls: If mentioning a link, provides url? Links and urls are included. Like I stated earlier, in the one post only one of the 3 urls are actually click-able links. To pass a usability test one of the first things it to have accessible, easy links to make the user not have to think at all.

Citations: If mentioning a blog/blogger, provide trackback? So far, no “mention” of another blogger except for the reblogs of the sports things I like in which the trackback is provided because it says on the post who wrote it and what blog its from.

Scan-ability:Is the text in large intimidating chunks or is it scannable/skimmable? Are long entries divided with subtitles or images? (22-23) The text of my blog posts are not intimidating or long instead they are small paragraphs that I believe to be scannable and still able to get the gist of what I am saying. The long entries are not divided with subtitles or images which would definitely add to the interest value of it along with its skimmability since people are always in a hurry no one wants to sit and read through long paragraphs without the break of something interesting.

Design: Does the overall design work for the site? (123-129) What strikes you about the site? (150) The first thing that strikes me about my blog is the colors! I really like them but that’s just my opinion, other people might find the colors really annoying. Another things I notice are the calendar dates next to each post title and the boldness of the texts.

Text/font: Is the text font, size, color clear and readable?

Color: Is the use of color distracting? Complimentary? (165) The green text at the top does not really match the site at all and can be actually distracting. The Other colors are very simple and complimentary I think, like the blacks and grays of the text and links. It also makes it simple and organized.

Noise: Busyness? (38, 183-184) Is there too much going on? Can it be minimized? Background noise? (38-39) Can it be minimized? There is no noise

Do entries contain needless words? (45-49) Some of the posts on my blog have the tight simple approach and make it easy to read for the users but then there are some posts that rant and contain these needless words.

Is site navigation obvious? (54-63) Does it rely on conventions? (51, 54-63) Yes, it is very obvious.

Blog Title and Tagline: is tagline descriptive or engaging? (14, 101- 106) This is another area my blog can greatly be improved, the titles and taglines are informative for sure but they are boring and not descriptive or engaging at all. If I was a passing by viewer that’s probably what my biggest complaint of my blog would be.

About Section: Is the blog concept clear? (101, 144 & 156) Do you understand the purpose of the site, do you “Get it?” Please see “happy talk” section, too. (46) I think its very obvious and clear that this is a blog post for a class and in which I am learning about communicating and ways to better tell stories and use sites. There is not other clear concept other than that or that I am interested in sports. The purpose is to become familiar with blogging and to learn the the best ways to reach users of websites and readers of stories. I don’t thinks “happy talk” is evident, I don’t ever write to just make the viewer happy or say what they want to hear. I instead, try to answer the questions of the assignments as well as I can and as honestly about myself as I can.

Structure/Organization: Amateurish vs. Professional: (Is the site sloppy or neat and clear? Disorganized or organized? Professional or unprofessional?(165 166) The blog is organized and concise, it could be cleaned up with color choice and better titles.

Accessibility: Is appropriate “alt text” added to every image? (179) Appropriate “alt text” needs to be added to the images to attribute them. According to Krug, readers should ignore them but it also adds descriptive text.

Blog #6: Don’t Make Me Think Analysis