Blog #2

Control Room is a documentary that came out back in 2004 providing a new perspective on the war in Iraq. The reporting is from Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s biggest news outlet. The iconic and most memorable image of the war without even watching the documentary, is the fall of the Saddam Hussein statue in Firdos Square. This event occurred in April 2003.


One of the main points the documentary makes in general, is the bias, or lack of objectivity in the media. Every media outlet has an agenda of their own and adjusts the appearances of stories and images for their own gain or views. That is true on both sides, the US reporters, and Jehane Noujaim, the director of the film.

So why does the staging of the celebration of the fall of the statue of Saddam Hussein by the United States matter? To start, the falling of the statue symbolized the end of the battle of Baghdad. Any event that is that widely covered and broadcasted, raises my red flags of it being staged, or having ulterior motives of persuading the audience. The idea of the U.S. staging this event matters because it shows their military power and brings them into a good light. People were and still are skeptical about the reasons behind invading Iraq, by showing the world Saddam Hussein’s statue falling to the ground it shows the swift power and purpose of the U.S. In addition, Iraqi people were cheering, celebrating, and kicking the head of the statue. This hope brought to Iraq brings more purpose and support to the U.S. agenda in the invasion of Iraq.


Just like with everything else in the media, there is always another underlying purpose that it more than telling the story transparently. The staging is justified. Even in the documentary, Iraqi films were shown throughout there media which showed clips of images of U.S. tanks, U.S. soldiers handling Iraqi people roughly, and Iraqi small children crying. The CentCom soldier pointed out the Iraqi media bias as well stating that they never showed Iraqi soldiers fighting or attacking. It’s the purpose and the goal the staging wishes accomplish. By staging the celebration of the fall of the statue, more support and positivity for an ugly, messy war, came about.


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