Final Project

Brittany Hanrahan and I are working together on The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia for out Final Project.

“The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia is an interfaith, multicultural immigrants’ rights coalition,” as mentioned on their website. This is a social movement that goes along with many of the concepts discussed in class. They emphasize the telling of personal stories, giving voice to immigration injustices, to bring these alliances together.  “While we respond prophetically to unjust systems, including unfair trade policies,  we build  a hospitable and welcoming community.  We believe immigrant communities should lead the movement for immigrant justice while allies support and stand in solidarity with them. We seek to transform and deepen the commitment of congregations and promote the vision of a society characterized by a culture of hospitality.” The group storytelling campaign started in 2009 in response to increased deportation.  The goal is to continue to spread awareness and raise support. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. The following is small yet powerful and has a lot of room for improvement.


To tell the story of this social movement, we will be creating a digital magazine (on Glossi) that thoroughly explains the organizations mission, success, strategies and followers on social media.  This magazine is also an opportunity to analyze the social movement for the company and give them a concrete outline of what they have established and what their future goals and endeavors consist of.

Glossi enables users to create as many pages as needed with plenty of space to provide details as well as showcase images in a unique way that can flow easily from page to page.  We are able to create a bio page for the founders and after thorough research on these topics, our story will come together for this project.  Glossi is also aesthetically appealing to users with unique format layouts, color pallets and small details that really make it creative in our own way.  We’re excited to develop this in the next few weeks and have it come full circle, perhaps to even showcase to the founders of this important movement and help develop its following on social media.


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