Blog #9 TED talk topic

My topic is on the environment and what college kids can do to help decrease the symptoms of global climate change. It is a problem-solution talk that is structured after Duarte’s “what is, what could be” idea. It goes in and out of facts and statistics about the negative effects of climate change and how our individual acts have an impact and cause it. So if we are the ones causing it then we have the ability to change it. I go into little ways to add to the positives and even decrease the effects, but the number one way to do it for college kids is to restrict their use of plastic bottles since they have such detrimental impact not only on our ecosystems with just how we waste them but in how the production and transportation of them emits green house gases which trap heat in our atmosphere. This action I encourage the audience to take goes with the overall idea of the talk which is to be more aware of what we do and not just bury our heads in the sand or wrap ourselves up in our own struggles, to know that what we do effects more than just ourselves.


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