Blog #5 Non- profit websites and Usability

A usability test reviews how a websites convenience and accessibility can be improved for the user.

The Volunteer Opportunities website can definitely benefit from a usability test because I found the website to be a little overwhelming and confusing. There is a lot going on in it and it sometimes is not clear as to what can and should be clicked on. The bright colors work to grab your attention but other than that there is far too much going on a user will move on. A usability test will tell them ways to improve the convenience and accessibility of its links and the straightforwardness of the directions.

The Philadelphia Mutter Museum is a non-profit organization and they indeed have a website. Obviously since their website is about their museum and wanting to attract people to it it has a lot more description in their write-ups. They set apart their links well by bolding them and putting them in brighter colors. They have more ads then usual probably because its non-profit website so they need sponsors. A usability test would definitely benefit them and improve their site. It would tighten up their descriptions and background on the museum as well as make it more pleasing to the eye.

National Constitutional Convention “Welcome to the National Constitution Center, a hands-on museum, national town hall, and civic education headquarters just steps from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.” Their website in my opinion is excellent. Its bright, pleasing to the eye, bolded, things jump out at you to click on. Users of this website must love it because it is nice to look at and decently easy to sort through and find where you want to go. It is slightly confusing in the middle of the website the focal point is the large conveyer belt of images that are links. They have nice pictures and have captions on them but I found them a little confusing. A usability test would indeed help this website tie up loose ends and tighten up link clarity.


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