Blog #3 Craft of Story Telling

Story telling along with the obvious details of character development and plot development, should impact the viewer or audience in some way. If you tell the story of September 11, 2001 that is obviously going to have a huge impact on people because it was such a traumatic event in our country. In Avery Moore’s story “Powered by Laughter” she impacted the audience by being relate able, pure, and upbeat. Most people should be inspired by her laughter-is-necessary-for-survival view on life. Everyone loves to laugh and enjoy themselves. She told the story in the way it would relate to people and they would care for her and they story.

In the “Hot Lunch story” the same can be said. It is a very relate able story because everyone at some point went to high school and experienced what a cafeteria was like. In effect, the audience grew to care for Adrey Dilling.

It doesn’t matter what the story is that you are telling if you craft it and present it in a way in which it reaches people it will be a successful story.


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