Blog Post #2: Telling a Story

A story could be anything and portrayed in a million different ways. Successful stories almost have a formula to the. When telling a story you absolutely have to connect with your audience, really get into the character or even better tell them a personal story or event so they know it is truly genuine. “Show us the real you.” Being vulnerable to the audience is a good thing because then they become emotionally invested in the story and characters involved. All stories also have to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The character usually starts a journey and along the way acquires new skills and knowledge and then comes back full circle to the beginning but with a whole new insight. Lastly, and I believe most importantly, the audience must in some way be shocked or surprised. Like Patsy Rodenburg says that the plot has to has some twist and its true indeed to be imperative to keep the audience involved and to have your story be lasting and remembered.


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