Radio Broadcast of War of the Worlds

Going back in time and taking in the radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” was definitely an interesting 51 minutes. This recording worked and was believable for many reasons. The reporters were credible and spoke in the normal reporting the news sense and then were interrupted with the breaking news bulletins. During the breaking news bulletins there were background noises and the speakers reported like normal and then when exciting things went on their voices got shaky and louder. They had transitions between everyday radio of the appropriate music of the time and the breaking news. All of the interviews that took place were professors of scientists so not only were they credible sources but they played the authority angle. The geography of the radio narrative was in actual places like Princeton, NJ and then as the story went on it started branching and expanding like to NY. I believe the broadcast was completely believable minus the beginning and the intermission when they mention that it is “The War of the Worlds.” Image


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