Blogging for Dummies

Blog: (my definition) public display of organized information, thoughts, opinions, or a combination of all on a topic relative to the target audience. All blogs look different and have different topics and focuses. It can be a personality outlet for someone who has strong opinions on big topics like politics or it can be an informative way of communicating news. Blogs usually look bright and colorful to grab the eye of audience members. They have some long and some short writings, and they have titles that are large and bolded. Blogs have photos and themes for setting the mood and, again, attention holding. In addition, blogs tend to have videos to compliment the message the blogger writes about. Lastly, blogs have sections like tabs and categories for organization of their content and then have spaces to add comments to each post. There are many examples of blogs out there especially of food because that is a subject that never dies; typically people eat three times a day so they are looking to get out of routine of peanut butter and jelly and maybe spice up some dinner choices. 


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